A slice of life from the Kilkenny Waldorf School

Have you ever wondered what actually happens in a Waldorf School?

KWS 2012

A quick google will have given you some idea but what could be nicer than to actually share some of the day-to-day learning in our school just outside of Callan.

Our teachers Conor and Cindy will offer a glimpse twice a month from everyday experiences in teaching and learning. Do ask us if you would like to hear about something in particular.

This week Conor tells us about the Vikings

2_Photo0063“One of our our main lesson blocks in class 4 is ‘Norse Mythology.’ We have been exploring these wonderful tales from the creation, through many of the sagas, filled with rich and varied characters with whom many will be familiar. The wisdom of Odin, the ferocity of Thor, the beauty of Freya, the mischievous Loki, fairies, journeys and exploits which engage the imagination of us today and allow an insight into our Viking ancestors. We have visited Reginald’s Tower in Waterford and learned of its rich Viking heritage and been lucky enough to have a Viking re-enactor come to the school to meet the children (I can’t imagine a Viking ever had so many questions to answer!). We also made our own wooden long-ships which you can see invading Irish coastal areas in search of danegold in the photograph!”

Photo0056     Photo0057In search of danegold


Next time: Farming and gardening with Cindy

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