A slice of life from the Kilkenny Steiner School – Gardening

Have you ever wondered what actually happens in a Steiner School?

KWS 2012

Our teachers Conor and Cindy offer a glimpse twice a month from everyday experiences in teaching and learning. Do ask us if you would like to hear about something in particular.

This time Cindy tells us about gardening:Gardening KWS

“Gardening is a vital aspect in out weekly time table. Gardening does not just show the children where our vegetables are coming from, but it also connects them to the seasons and the rhythm of nature. In our weekly gardening sessions the children see how their plants are growing and how much care and nurture it takes for a bed to stay clean of weeds. Each child was given an individual patch where he or she could grow a variety of plants. It was wonderful to see how much the children enjoyed to share their gardens with their friends. Soon most of the gardens were shared with one ore even five other friends. In the middle of the school garden we planted potatoes. It became a little ritual that in September/ October we cook chips from our own potatoes, which is a tasty highlight of every autumn term.”

DSC_0134[1] Next time – new life on the farm.

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