A Slice of Life from the Kilkenny Steiner School – Farming

Have you ever wondered what actually happens in a Steiner School?

KWS 2012

Our teachers Conor and Cindy offer a glimpse twice a month from everyday experiences in teaching and learning. Do ask us if you would like to hear about something in particular.


In the Farming Lesson the children ask our farmer Bastian some questions they came up with. Bastian explained to the children how many animals there are on the farm and how many fields are needed to provide enough grass and silage to feed them. He also had to admit that his most favourite animal on the farm was Samson (his dog) and try to explain how the cow makes milk from the grass they eat. Not an easy task with so many inquisitive reporters.

FarmerDSC_0154[1] The other picture show our hands on experience in mucking out the cow shed. The previous day we cleaned out Bobby’s (the horse) stable and learned that a cow is differently stabled than a horse. The children also realised how much hard work it is to fill the wheelbarrow with the dung of the cows and how heavy they are when you try and push them to the dung heap. This hands on experience made the children aware of how hard the farmers have to work, so that we can get our daily milk. The aim of this main lesson is to instill a feeling of gratefulness and respect towards the origin of the items we daily eat, wear and use.DSC_0196[1](1) Next time: Numbers & Maths…

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