Kilkenny Steiner School provides Steiner Education for children from 3-12. Toddler groups and Kindergarten are offered in Ballyhall, a charitable Community Kindergarten. Class 1-6 are offered in Ballytobin. It provides a beautiful setting for the school environment: a working community that gives an added dimension to the classes and the inclusive nature supporting a holistic picture.

We welcome children of all abilities and from all faiths and backgrounds. The priority of the Steiner ethos is to provide an unhurried and creative learning environment where children can find joy in learning and experience the richness of childhood rather than early specialisation.

Spaces are extremely limited in our Primary School and we recommend that parents enquire early. We are currently welcoming children aged 4-5 to our Féileacán Group 1 for September 2019. For all enrolment enquiries visit our enrolment page here.

Our Educational Goals

  • To recognise the inner development of the child and seek to nourish him/her with appropriate experiences at each stage, through a wide ranging curriculum.
  • To foster the child’s experience of rhythm through a balance of artistic, practical and intellectual work in the day, and the celebration of the seasons during the year.
  • To treat all subjects as inter-dependent, so that languages, science, art and craft weave a meaningful whole, with the human being at the centre.
  • To facilitate the unfolding of, support the challenges of and recognise the gifts of each emerging individual.


For over 20 years, the Steiner School in Camphill Community Ballytobin near Callan, although working primarily with special needs children has welcomed children of normal ability at primary level. This experiment of inclusion has been very successful and of great benefit to both groups of children. The establishment of the nearby Ballyhall Steiner Kindergarten in 1995 increased interest and added to the numbers attending the school. The beautiful rural setting surrounded by woods and garden, farm and orchard, together with the rich cultural life of the community also contributed to interest in the school.

Gradually a committed group of past, present and future parents decided to establish an independent school in the area. Our vision of the school is constantly evolving, but our intention is to offer an alternative and holistic form of education to children in the South East


Kilkenny Steiner School is part of Ballyhall Kindergarten and administrated by parents entirely on a voluntary basis. It is non-profit making, and is registered as a Charity – No. 11977. The initiative was started in 1995 by parents in the locality.

Kilkenny Steiner School is a member of the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship.