We are a small team with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion.

Steffi Gulde

Class 5 and 6 (2020/21)

Hi, I am, Steffi Gulde and have been teaching at the Kilkenny Steiner School since 2007. Currently I am teaching class 4and 5 combined. I love being a Waldorf school teacher, working with a curriculum, which allows for individual development and growth, for children and teachers alike. The Kilkenny Steiner School is one of my favourite schools, radiating love, happiness and support throughout its community of children, parents and teachers.

Conor Boland

Class 2 and 3 (2020/21)

Having initially trained as a national school teacher I soon became a convert to Steiner education and have been teaching in Kilkenny Steiner School for the past nine years. I believe education should be a pathway to self discovery. As Steiner teachers we aim to provide an holistic school experience which recognises the child’s emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual capacities. This is supported by a curriculum which is designed to meet the developmental stages of the child through artistic, cognitive and practical lessons.

Róisín Brennan

Féileacán (2020/21)

I feel like I ended up exactly where I am supposed to be when Kilkenny Steiner school advertised for a teacher with a background in early years to lead the feileacain class. From the first day I visited the school I was taken aback by the strong sense of community and smiles on the children’s faces. I thought to myself, this is how childhood should be for all and if I was to have my own child, this is the type of education I would choose. I am now in my second year teaching at the school and have no doubts that this all inclusive environment is a great place for children to grow and learn in. So much respect is given to the magic of childhood. I love how much outdoor space the children have to explore and how art, handwork, music and movement is integrated into the curriculum at all ages. It is also a special place that encourages and supports teachers to grow within themselves and has inspired me to learn new skills and think outside the box. I love how I get to know each child in my class on a deeper level as so much time is given to play traditional games, build, bake, sew, and sing together. Also I love the outdoors and this is a school where I can share that passion with the children. It is the type of environment that supports social and emotional development, allowing children to develop critical thinking, problem solving and social skills that will help them throughout life. Overall it is a fun place to work where the children, teachers and parents can laugh and overcome obstacles together.

Neil McLean

Classroom assistant (2020/21)

Hello I’m Neil. I’m a new boy straight out of college! Although you might not think it to look at me. For many years I have been part of the Camphill Community, notably Carrick-on-Suir from 2000 until 2014. Already then the changes that have come upon Camphill had begun and I left the organisation but not the impulse. I then realised I was in an ideal position to follow an ambition that had lain dormant for twenty years and enrolled on the part time Steiner teacher training in Gloucester in England called WESTT. I will graduate this summer, covid permitting. As part of my training I had to be involved in a Waldorf school, and have thoroughly enjoyed assisting both in Steffi’s class once a week, the gardening class, [my background is horticulture], and now this year with Roisin in Feileachain.