Primary (6-12)

Class 1-6 Steiner Curriculum

The Steiner Curriculum is a flexible set of educational guidelines, founded on Rudolf Steiner’s principles that take account of the whole child. It gives equal attention to the physical, emotional, intellectual, cultural and spiritual needs of each pupil and is designed to work in harmony with the different phases of the child’s development.

The core subjects of the curriculum are taught in block periods of several weeks each, and all lessons include a balance of artistic, practical and intellectual content. Whole class, mixed ability teaching is the norm.

In introducing reading and writing in class 1, a strong appeal is made to the creative imagination of each child. All the basic elements of these subjects are taught through stories, painting and drawing, drama and music and in such a way that head, heart and hands are involved in the learning process.

Each year more subjects are added and familiar subjects deepened. History and Geography are presented in such a way that the child can gradually find an orientation in time and space, experience themselves as a member of the human family and a citizen of the earth. The approach to science, beginning with simple nature stories, aims to awaken in equal measure the child’s senses of wonder and observation.

In later classes the children enjoy exploring the phenomena of physics, chemistry and biology.

learningArt and music create a sense of joy and beauty, and are integral part of each schooldays. Other subjects are handwork, various crafts and non-competitive games.

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