We, the parents, teachers and pupils of KSS believe that we are stronger working together. Our Kilkenny Steiner Primary School is not state subsidised. The school is run entirely by co-operative action between the parents and teachers. This is not just a financial commitment. While everyone appreciates that parents life circumstances may limit the level of input that’s possible, parents are actively encouraged to be involved in all elements of our community, from management to maintenance, fundraising to future planning. Parents, pupils and teachers also come together regularly to celebrate various seasonal festivals throughout the year.

A community, much more than a school, Kilkenny Steiner is a community. I remember the feeling I had when I first stepped into the school, I was honestly moved by a feeling of belonging.  School had finished yet nearly everyone was still there, children of all ages playing together, even my 2 year old was included. The teachers laughing with parents and children and just a general feeling of joy.  

Ita – School parent – April 2020