Féileacán is two years, comparable to Junior and Senior Infants, for children ages 4-6 preparing them for formal Steiner schooling from age 7.
Packed with outdoor activities, crafts, art, baking, movement, songs, storytelling, and lots of play.
Féileacán classes are designed to meet each child where they are developmentally.
We welcome all children and families to this inclusive and diverse school community.
Féileacán facilitates a smooth transition from preschool / Kindergarten to primary school whilst maintaining a nourishing rhythm.
Our curriculum is based on the rhythms of nature.
Children are given the time to explore, play and create and on a daily basis.
Children are prepared for formal learning through a variety of fun activities;
focusing on physical, social and emotional development; encouraging natural cognitive development at this age.

We value the importance and magic of childhood.